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IEC Online:
What is an Import -Export Code?

Businesses that engage in the Import and Export of goods require IEC registration; it is a ten-digit code issued by the Directorate General of Foreign Trade (DGFT). The IEC code has lifetime validity. Importers and exporters cannot benefit from exports offered by DGFT, customs, and Export Promotion Council without this code. While clearing customs, importers must quote the IE Code. In addition, banks need the importer's IE Code when sending money abroad. Businesses can obtain the Import Export Code or IEC online with filingbee expert assistance.

Due to cutting-edge competition, everyone is looking to increase their business beyond the borders of their own country. The world of global business, however, isn't something that everyone can do. You need to follow several procedures and laws before going global and get additional registrations and licenses. A license for the IEC (Import Export Code) is one of the prerequisites to import or export from India. Also known as the Importer-Exporter Code. We assist in some of the prerequisites and an IEC Online.

What is the need for Import-Export Code?

Exposure to international markets

With IEC Code, you can expand your business from local to international markets and expand your product or service globally.

Government Benefits

IEC code registration allows you to benefit from all the export scheme benefits from DGFT, Customs, and Export Promotion Council.

No Annual Compliance

The IEC Code does not require annual compliance, such as filing returns.

Individual person

Individuals can obtain an IEC Code Online, and they do not need to be registered as a legal entity.

Cases in which Export-Import Codes (IEC) are not mandatory

By the latest circular issued by the government

GST Registered

IEC is not mandatory for all GST-registered traders. PANs will be construed as new IEC codes for purposes of import and export in all such cases.

Personal Use

Taking the Import Export Code (IEC) is not necessary if the export or import is for personal use and not for commercial purposes.


No Import or Export Code is required for exports and imports done by government departments, ministries, or notified charitable institutions.

List of Documents Required for

  • PAN card of Director/ Partner/Proprietor or Entity (as applicable)

  • Address Proof of Director/ Partner/Proprietor

  • Certificate of Registration with MoA, AoA (as applicable)

  • Photograph of the applicant

  • Sale Deed/ Rent Agreement/ Latest Electricity Bill/ Telephone Bill in the name of the applicant

  • Bank Certificate as per ANF 2 A(I) or

  • Cancelled Cheque bearing pre-printed name of the company and A/C No.


*We will collect additional documents based on the information you provided to the filingbee.

Here Are Some Frequently Asked Questions

Businesses of any type, such as Companies, partnerships, private limited companies, and charitable institutions that deal with imports and exports of goods, can register for an import-export code regardless of their size. It is important to note that the IE Code is not required for merchandise for personal use, which has no connection to trade, manufacturing, or agriculture.

The Import Export Code is permanent and is valid for a lifetime, so there is no need for re-registration or renewal; it lasts until the business ceases operation or the registration is surrendered.

As per the latest circular issued by the government, IEC is not mandatory for all GST registered traders. For import and export, the PAN of the trader shall be construed as a new IEC code.

Individuals involved in importing and exporting goods and services to conduct business can apply for IEC Online. For IE code application purposes, a cancelled check of the savings account may be provided if the person does not have a current account for the business.

It is not necessary to submit a separate application for each business location. It is a PAN-based registration. Therefore, a single registration will apply to all businesses and branches under the same entity and easily acquired through the IEC Online facility.

The Export Promotion Council, a government body, issues the Registration-cum-Membership Certificate. This is necessary for businesses that export restricted products and those that seek concessions through Foreign Trade Policy.

"Restricted" goods are those whose import is permitted only with the approval of a licence or authorization or following the procedure prescribed in a public notice or notification. This list of 'Restricted' items can be viewed under the (ITC- HS) download section of import and export items on the DGFT website.

The ITC (HS) Code was adopted as part of the Indian Trade Classification (Harmonized System) for exporting and importing. For the trade requirements of the Indian government, the ITC (HS) Code is used.

The registration of IEC is a one-time affair and is valid for a lifetime. Therefore, the IEC code does not need to be renewed.

IEC codes are required for exporting and importing, as well as for receiving and paying payments. No returns are necessary for IEC because there are no required compliances after registration.

Import and export can both be done with the same IEC. Some people believe that separate IEC codes are required for imports and exports, but that is not the case. A single registration number is required for import and export, and a single IEC number can be used for both purposes. Additionally, businesses can reap many benefits from having Importer - Exporter Codes or IEC Online.

IEC is assumed to be used exclusively for goods importation or exportation. However, it is also necessary for services as well as for goods. The export and import of services are international transactions. Therefore, any person providing services outside the boundaries of India must apply to IEC Online.

  • Customs authorities require such information when an importer is required to clear shipments from customs.
  • The bank needs the money when an importer sends money abroad through a bank.
  • The customs port needs exporter shipments when the exporter needs to send them.
  • It is required by the bank if the exporter receives money in foreign currency straight into his account.

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