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Trade License Online Registration:
An Overview

A local trade license governs specific businesses within a particular city. Trade is regulated so that citizens are not adversely affected by Health Hazards & Nuisances caused by the improper practice. Obtaining a trade license ensures that the manner and location in which a business is conducted follow the relevant safety guidelines, standards, and rules. State governments, to regulate and monitor local trade, impose trade licenses. Municipal corporations are responsible for issuing such licenses. Also, the process has become easy with the introduction of a Trade License online in most states.

Trade licenses allow a person to operate a specific business or trade in a specified location. Running a business unauthorisedly is an offence that may result in a substantial fine and criminal prosecution. If trade licenses are required in a particular area, business owners should apply as soon as possible. Before the activity can begin, an application must be submitted. Nevertheless, some state governments give time to apply for a trade license. Once issued, a licence must be renewed annually. Renewal applications must be submitted at least 30 days before the license expires.

What is the need to obtain a Trade License Online?

Avoid Penalties

A government can impose fines and penalties on a person who does not obtain a trade license as required by law and starts a business. The business may also be forced to close as a result.

Ensure Safety Standard

Trade should be regulated to protect citizens from health hazards and nuisances caused by improper conduct.

Attract Consumers

Compared to an unregistered business, a licensed business will have a higher reputation and attract customers and investors.

Raising Funds

Investing groups and other business organizations have a greater interest in companies with better business practices.

What are the different categories of trade licences?

Industry License

A variety of small, medium, and large manufacturing factories.

Shop license

Among them are the sale of firewood, the manufacture of crackers, candles, the barbershop, the laundry (dhobi) shop, etc. which require the shop license

Food establishment license

The sale of meat & vegetables, bakeries, hotels, restaurants, and food markets need to obtain a food license

List of Documents Required for
Trade License Online

  • Self-attested copy of PAN card Of Proprietor/Partner/ Director

  • Self-attested copy of address proof of Proprietor/Partner/Director

  • Rent agreement/ Ownership Deed/ Lease Deed

  • NOC from the owner if rented property

  • MoA – AoA of Company, Partnership Deed/ LLP Agreement, etc. along with a registration certificate, if any Recently clicked the photo of the establishment.

  • Passport-sized photograph of the business owners


*Documents for other registrations as per the plan opted can be viewed through the filingbee website & also communicated to you

*We will collect additional documents based on the information you provided to the filingbee.

Here Are Some Frequently Asked Questions

A trade license is a permit or authorisation granted by a municipality to allow a specific business to operate at a specific location. Health hazards and nuisances are prevented from affecting the residents. This license ensures that all set standards and safety guidelines are observed when carrying out a particular trade. Municipal corporations in the state issue licenses for this use. These include licenses for food establishments, shops, and industries. And can easily be obtained through Trade License Online portals of the state.

Local municipalities are responsible for issuing the trade licenses in a state.

Typically, it takes 8 days. It may take longer if a document is incomplete and erroneous.

When the commission denies your license, you have the option of appealing the decision by delivering the denied letter.

It is essential to meet the eligibility requirements; Trade license eligibility criteria include:
  1. Minimum age of 18 years is required for applicants
  2. There should be no criminal record on the applicant
  3. A legal permit must be obtained for the business

Over the last 40 years, trade licenses have been issued in this country. As a result, illegal activities and unfair trade practices harming the community are in some way controlled. Business owners with trade licenses can meet all the requirements for legal business and take safety measures.

A license ensures that the goods are placed in the market with a good image. Being licensed, however, means being more accountable. In addition, responsibilities To comply with all rules and regulations. Furthermore, if they do not fulfill the same, the administration can charge a significant amount as a penalty.

In India, trade licenses are typically renewed between January 1st and March 31st. Every year, licenses issued by the municipal authority must be renewed for one year.Licenses must be renewed within thirty days of their expiration date. If the renewal process is delayed, the issuing authority may impose a fine depending on its rules and regulations.

  1. The municipal authority issues a trade license exclusively for the trade or business.
  2. Trade license rules and regulations differ from state to state
  3. Different licenses are subject to different fees according to the business type
  4. A business granted with this permit will have greater goodwill and thus be more attractive to consumers and investors than one that is not registered.
  5. The traders must follow safety guidelines and guidelines to ensure an ethical business practice is followed.
  6. People who start any trade or business activity before applying for or receiving the license as required by law may face fines and penalties imposed by the appropriate government (authority). It can also lead to the closure of a business if a trade license is not met.

The municipal corporation often issued trade licenses, allowing a specific trade to be made at a specific address.
The registration of all shops and establishments is required by law for all business entities. Additionally, it includes home-based work. A certificate of registration will be issued once you register your shop or establishment. A trade license is required for establishments such as restaurants, hotels, manufacturing companies, and so forth, while a shop license is required for all those offering goods or services. A trade license is required for commercial areas, while a shop license is required even for residential establishments.

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